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Whether you are a beginner or advanced, our instructors will challenge you to improve your individual skills a little bit each time. Take your workout to a new level with our unique and calisthenics oriented classes. Whether it's a handstand, muscle up, frontlever or middle split, find your perfect class in our wide range of strength, skill or flexibility training and get one step closer to your goal. Our experienced and competent trainers enable an ideal start or an optimal development thanks to the structured class structure, the optimal exercise selection and the individual feedback. Our classes shine not only thanks to their wide range and optimized planning and execution, but also thanks to their unique and familiar atmosphere.

The perfect calisthenics all-rounder for everyone - the workout combines a skill with an intense workout to the point and gets the most out of your time

Women can do calisthenics too - join the community and feel the female power

Learn to control the world upside down - come over and master the handstand

Relaxation and workout at the same time - experience the strength of power yoga and improve your body awareness

Perfect balance to your workout - improve your mobility and give important impulses also from the regenerative side

Calisthenics introduction for kids - discover the fun and playful side of Calisthenics

Ready for a new challenge? - learn impressive skills, show elements and to move your body through the air

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