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Sports Nutritionist

Katia (KMT Nutrition) is our nutrition expert and she’s a B.Sc. Nutritionist & Dietician and M.Sc. Sports Nutritionist. She will develop personalized nutritional plans to help you accomplish your individual goals, for example loss of weight and/or muscle gain. Her specialized knowledge in sports nutrition is ideal to assist you as an athlete by enhancing your training capabilities and performance. Katia’s expert advice can guide you towards a healthier lifestyle which is essential for disease prevention and/or management.

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Nutrition coaching prices

Nutritional Evaluation Session

  • Body measurements (incl. segmental muscle and body fat analysis)
  • Detailed documentation of nutritional habits
  • Detailed documentation of training mode and frequency
  • Medical history record and documentation of medication/supplementation
  • Setting of personal goals

CHF 280
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Follow-up Session

  • Body measurements (incl. segmental muscle and body fat analysis)
  • Progress evaluation
  • Documentation of potential changes in training habits
  • Nutritional plan adaptations
  • Potential goal adjustment* Every 2 weeks 80.- / every 3 weeks or more 120.-

CHF 80 - 120
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