Personal Training Zurich with Bardogs

Our best athletes and trainers support you in our 1:1 personal training sessions.

Together we will achieve your goals and get the best out of you.


Get in shape

Haven't done anything for a long time? No problem, we'll help you get back in shape! Calisthenics can be individually adapted to any level and will help you regain your fitness

Learn to control your body

Get to know your body and its capabilities. The experienced Bardogs coaches can help you in personal training to learn your desired skill such as pull-ups, handstands, human flag. Muscle ups. You learn and strengthen the complex basic exercises and are ready to take your body to a new level

Muscle building

At Bardogs Personal Training, we can focus on building muscle. The great thing is that your power grows as well as your muscles. We work with complex exercises that challenge you and your body in a holistic way and thus create an optimal muscle stimulus In addition to personal training, you also have the option of having our nutrition coach draw up a nutrition plan for you.

Learn moves & skills

Learn your dream moves: whether handstands, muscle ups or pull-ups - at Bardogs Personal Training you will be coached by experienced athletes and trainers who not only understand their craft, but have also mastered it themselves


Your personal goal is important to us

No matter what goal you have set yourself, together we will take you to or even beyond your current limits!

No questions?

Contact us via the contact form or simply let us know - we will be happy to answer all your questions 

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    What do I need to bring to my first personal training session?

    A bottle of water, a towel and sneakers. The rest will be provided by Bardogs Calisthenics Gym.

    What different personal training subscription options are there?

    You can find the various personal training subscriptions at the Price list. Of course you will receive a personal Bardogs subscription consultation during your trial lesson

    What do we discuss in the first lesson?

    In the first lesson, we start with an assessment to determine your current fitness level. We will then discuss the next steps.

    How can I pay?

    We have various payment options on site, you can pay by credit card, debit card, cash or Twint.

    No questions?

    No questions? You are welcome to contact us via the contact form or by phone.

    Why Bardogs?

    Bardogs is a team of personal trainers & athletes from Zurich with different sporting backgrounds. This ensures that we can achieve your goals together in the best possible way.

    Our experienced personal trainers will provide you with motivation, knowledge and individual training that suits you.

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