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Power Yoga offers you a holistic workout that unites body and mind through dynamic movement sequences and breathing techniques. This class consists of flowing sequences of various asanas, modified from ancient Indian classical yoga, which challenge all your muscle groups, strengthen your whole body and also give you more flexibility and stability. Our Power Yoga Class takes place once a week at the Home of Bardogs in Urdorf, Zurich and is suitable for all levels. Come along and feel how the mix of tension and relaxation gives you a better body feeling!

Try it out and bring body and mind into harmony.


Home of Bardogs
Heinrichstutzstrasse 27
8902 Urdorf
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Power yoga consists of dynamic exercises that require both stamina and strength. After the warm-up, we look at various flows that require coordination, flexibility, stamina and strength. At the end there is a cool down.

Power yoga improves your coordination and ability to concentrate, as well as your flexibility, stamina and strength. It also loosens the fasciae and improves the supply of nutrients. Despite the effort, your mind ultimately becomes calmer and you can better let go of disturbing and stressful thoughts.

In comparison to the well-known yoga, a lot of emphasis is also placed on the harmony of breathing and movement, but in a physically challenging way. In addition to improving concentration, coordination and flexibility, it also improves stamina and strength.

Sportswear only. Shoes are not required and yoga blocks, mats and other used equipment are all provided. However, you are welcome to bring your own equipment if you wish.

No. Everyone can do the exercises within their own range of movement. The aim is to challenge and improve yourself. Mobility is an aspect of Power Yoga and will also improve through practice.

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