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Whether you're an office jock or a movement freak, in the Mobility Class you'll improve your mobility and give your muscles, tendons and joints an important boost from the regenerative side as well. We work on both your active and passive mobility so that your body, along with your strength training, is optimally balanced and powerful, as well as minimally susceptible to injury. Learn to balance yourself and how your body feels better afterwards.


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What is Mobility?

Mobility describes the active range of motion in a joint. Here, the range of motion is achieved through active and voluntary movement (motor control). The greatest possible range of motion is achieved only through one's own muscular strength. Examples of mobility include the squat seat, middle split, or lunge. Mobility consists of stretching (to improve flexibility), myofascial self-massage (to improve the glide of fascia), and muscle strengthening.

What is the difference between Mobility and Flexibility?

Mobility describes active range of motion, while Flexibility describes passive range of motion. In Mobility, range of motion is achieved through a muscle contraction of the antagonist, while in Flexibility, range of motion is achieved through a partner, weights or similar. An example of Mobility is the Middle Split while standing, while this position lying down with the legs against the wall and weights on the feet is Flexibility. Or a shoulder opener where you have your hands on a bar and lying into the shoulder is Flexibility, shoulder opening while standing is Mobility as it is achieved through muscle control. However, Flexibility does not stand alone, but is a part of Mobility, because without passive Mobility, a large range of motion cannot be achieved actively either.

How often can I train Mobility?

Mobility can basically be trained every day. The muscle contractions are not very tiring, so the muscle is sufficiently recovered by the next day. Running the joints regularly through a large range of motion helps maintain a large range of motion or achieve a larger range of motion more quickly.

When should I use Mobility?

Mobility can always be used. Before the workout it helps to lubricate the joints and prepare them for the range of motion, improve blood flow to the muscles and increase your mobility in the short term. As a separate longer training session it helps to improve and maintain your mobility in the long term. After a workout, it can help recovery, return strained and shortened muscles to their original length, and help circulation so that waste products from the workout can be removed and micro-injuries in the muscle can be healed.

What is Mobility good for?

Mobility helps you improve your active mobility or maintain it into old age. This improves your well-being and joint position. It can also increase the efficiency and safety of your training. As a balance to your training it helps you against shortened and tense muscles and to increase your range of motion.

What will be looked at in your Mobility Class?

In our Mobility Class we look at the mobility of the whole body. Frequently restricted joints (shoulders, hips, ankle, etc.) are mainly addressed, so that your active mobility improves and you can achieve a higher performance. It is also excellent for regeneration and injury prevention. Depending on what the trainer chooses, the lesson is also divided into Full Body, Lower Body or Upper Body.

I am very immobile, is that a problem?

No. Any level of mobility is welcome in our Mobility Class. Everyone starts somewhere, and using poor mobility as an excuse only makes the situation worse. Our instructors have an alternative or easier exercise ready for each exercise, so each level is individually challenged in the best way possible. Start now and start feeling better!

What does Mobility have to do with Calisthenics?

Many skills in calisthenics require a high degree of mobility, such as the V-Sit, handstand, or even a simple squat. These cannot be achieved without sufficient mobility or are performed improperly and inefficiently, which can also be dangerous. In addition, regular training leads to hardened and shortened muscles, which limits your mobility. With our Mobility Class you give the perfect balance to your training and do something good for your body. As already mentioned, Mobility Training improves your mobility, is good for regeneration and improves your well-being and joint positions. Your body becomes more balanced and healthier.

What do I need to bring with me to your Mobility Class?

For our Mobility Class you only need sportswear (sports shoes are not needed). The equipment, such as yoga blocks, mats and fascia rolls, will be provided to you.

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