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Yes, women can also master calisthenics. In the Female Class, the complexity of calisthenics is by no means neglected. Movement forms such as handstands and back levers, as well as basic exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups and squats, are practiced and perfected so that they will soon be part of your repertoire. The training focuses on abdominals, legs and buttocks, but does not leave out the Calisthenics relevant exercises, so that you can ideally progress, no matter at which level you start. Achieve your goals and secure your place in the Female Class today.

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Why is there a special Female Class?

Calisthenics is also very popular with women! Therefore, we have created a special female class to cater even more specifically to the needs of our female participants. Muscle-wise, there are differences between the sexes, not only in genetics, but also in preferences. In the Female Class we address both and create with a targeted workout on appropriate skills and strengthen something increased and extensive abdomen, legs and buttocks.

What is looked at in the Female Class?

The Female Class is very similar to the Open Class and also takes place in Calisthenics. After a general and specific warm up, a skill is also looked at. In the Female Class the Handstand is very popular, but also "Back Lever", "Human Flag" and others are looked at. After that there is also a crisp and intense workout. Again, it alternates between lower body, full body and upper body, but with more focus on abs, legs and butt.

Are skills also trained in the female class?

Right. Skills are an essential part of calisthenics and therefore they are also covered in the Female Class. In the female class the handstand is a very popular skill, which is why a lot of time is spent on it. But also other skills like "Back Lever", "Human Flag" and others get their money's worth here and there.

Which muscles are trained in the Female Class?

This varies and depends on what the trainer has chosen. Since calisthenics requires a lot of body tension, all muscles are always used. In the workout, the focus is then placed on lower or upper body and thus the legs or upper body is specifically trained. A full body workout can also follow after the skill, where the whole body is trained. In the Female Class is special that more focus is placed on the popular abdomen, legs and buttocks.

At what level can I join the Female Class?

From any level. Every level is welcome in our Female Class. Even if you've never done calisthenics before, don't be afraid to drop in. Our instructors are happy to guide you into the subject. The beauty of Calisthenics is that each exercise can be broken down into different levels of progression, so there is something to improve for every level. Our trainers specifically plan each class so that different progressions or alternatives can be used if an exercise is not working for you or is too easy. Our instructors also provide constructive feedback with their professional knowledge so that you can continually improve and perform the exercises safely.

What do I need to take with me to the Female Class?

Apart from sportswear, you usually don't need anything. We train in socks, but if you prefer shoes, you are welcome to wear them. If shoes are needed, the instructor will announce this sufficiently in advance. The other materials used in the Female Class will be provided by Bardogs Gym.

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