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Whether corporate events, birthdays, theme parties, private events or weddings, at schools or fairs or as instruction of your Calisthenics Park - we are the highlight at your event. We promise first-class and breathtaking entertainment at the highest level. Experience the incredible power and body control of Calisthenics and be amazed by our unique athletes. Watch as we turn off gravity for a brief moment and give you a show like you've never seen before. Our creative, breathtaking shows, specialized for your event, will give you an unforgettable and thrilling experience.

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    Bardogs is a group of professional calisthenics athletes. Since 2014 we have a Calisthenics Gym in Urdorf, where we share our knowledge in personal training, classes and nutritional counseling. We maintain a very familial relationship and spur each other on. Stop by and let yourself be captivated by us and the sport.

    Calisthenics describes strength training with one's own body weight and is composed of the ancient Greek words kállos ("beauty") and sthenos ("strength") and means something like the beautiful strength. The mastery of the body is presented in seemingly effortless movements of the body through space in so-called skills. These include "Front Lever"; "Muscle Up", "Planche", "One Arm Handstand" and more. The workout is not only for aesthetics, but also to strengthen the body, improve flexibility and coordination.

    For everyone! Whether corporate events, schools, trade fairs or birthdays, we make your occasion special and unforgettable. We inspire and give incentive. So you can also help your employees, students or fellow men to a healthy lifestyle, more concentration and new zest for life.

    From our website directly through our booking request under the Show tab.

    No! We have our own show scaffolding that we can bring with us. We can also perform on your scaffolding, but we have to inspect it first. However, you should have enough space. Our scaffold is 5×5 meters and we also need more space towards the top and the sides.

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