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What do I train in your classes?

In the Class Overview you will find detailed descriptions of our classes and when they take place. All of them take place in the field of calisthenics and aim to improve you in a specific area.

Do I need prior knowledge for your classes?

No! You can always come to us, no matter what level of knowledge you have. Our competent trainers are always happy to help you and guide you through the classes.

I've never done calisthenics before, is that a problem?

No! Every level of experience is welcome in our classes. The classes are always structured in a way that there is something to learn and improve for every level, so that everyone is optimally challenged.

What do I need to bring to your classes?

Normal workout clothes. Shoes are usually not needed. There are no showers, but there are changing rooms.

How do I find your gym?

- Our Home of Bardogs is located at Heinrich Stutz-Strasse 27 in 8902 Urdorf. The gym is on the second floor. It's a bit hard to find it the first time, so don't hesitate to call your trainer if you don't find it. He will be happy to direct you to the gym.
- Some classes take place at Uego's in Altstetten, Badenerstrasse 557 in 8048 Zurich.
- On Saturday at noon (weather dependent) there will also be a class at Smigo's, Mythenquai 59 in 8002 Zurich.

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