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Do you want to fly carefree through the air like a bird, defy gravity or linger in difficult figures? Then the Skill Class is the right place for you! Because it's aimed precisely at these elements. Whether backflip, swing 360 or airwalk, we cover the whole range of show elements. We will guide you step by step through the individual elements with the right aids and supplementary exercises to ensure that you get a little better each time and don't lose sight of your goal. "An athlete without a goal is like a bird without wings": as you are both an athlete and a bird in this class, you know what to do!

Accept the new challenge and grow beyond yourself.


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A skill describes an acrobatic form in calisthenics that requires strength, coordination and mobility. Skills come in various forms and can be isometric (static) or concentric or eccentric (dynamic). Examples of static skills are "Front Lever", handstand, "Human Flag", "Planche", "V-Sit" and many more. "Backflip", "Muscle Up", "One Arm Pull Up", "Front Lever Raises", "Press to Handstand" and many more are examples of dynamic skills. Skills are very impressive and also a coveted goal in calisthenics, because they are fun, a goal to strive for and illustrate the respective strength, coordination and mobility.

This is very different. Different skills are looked at in the skill class, depending on what the trainer decides on. "Backflip and handstand are very popular skills.

No, not at all! Our competent trainers build up the lesson in a targeted and skillful way so that you are introduced to the skill right from the start. Exercise by exercise, you will get a little closer to your final form. You should always feel comfortable, and our trainers attach great importance to this. Simple and safe exercises will familiarize you with the feeling of turning backwards so that you can finally do a backflip. You will always be supported and guided by our trainers so that nothing can happen to you.

Overcome your fear! The backflip class builds up to the backflip skillfully and safely. It starts with simple exercises and then progresses more and more towards the final form. The exercises bring you closer and closer to the backflip, familiarize you with the feeling of backflipping and ensure that you begin to feel comfortable in this situation. What's more, our trainer is always by your side to support, guide and secure you so that you are guaranteed optimum comfort and protection. Conquer your fear and achieve something incredible. Come along and learn the backflip, as well as other impressive calisthenics skills.

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