We are Bardogs

One big family

Our history

In 2012, we, the Bardogs founders, were friends with an idea. In 2023, the "friends with an idea" are high-performance athletes with a vision. The name Bardogs stands for street workout at a professional level. We nurture our ever-growing community with in-depth knowledge and passionate commitment. With calisthenics shows, workshops, training sessions and breathtaking videos and photos, the athletes make a significant contribution to the growing popularity of this still young sport in the fitness and strength world.

The team

The emergence of the
Bardogs - Showteams

It all started at a small village festival in the middle of the Reuss Valley, not far from our home village of Birmensdorf ZH. The organizers of the festival hired us as the highlight of their evening program. Our very first performance was a success and the Bardogs show team was born. From then on, we performed at countless events far beyond the borders of the canton. Year after year, we became more experienced, more professional and better. Whether it's a company event, private birthday, AGM, village or town festival - the Bardogs have become an indispensable show act. We make every event an unforgettable experience - see for yourself!

Home of Bardogs

Located in the industrial district between Birmensdorf ZH and Urdorf, the "Home of Bardogs" has been our home since 2016. Designed entirely in the spirit of calisthenics (Greek: kalos "beautiful" and sthenos "strength"), the 500m2 space offers you plenty of room to devote yourself fully to the sport. Feel at home with us!
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